March 11, 2021 Comment off ,Vijay B

Power BI Vs Tableau

Since data is becoming the main thing in the IT industry, a lot of professionals are trying to learn about Data Visualization and trying to make a career in it. With the self service BI tools in the market, it becomes very easy for functional professionals to work on these BI tools without understanding a lot about technical aspects. So this becomes a very easy option to enter in the Data Analytics or Data visualization industry for a lot of business professionals.

Once this is decided that you want to make your career in Data visualization then the first question comes in mind is which tool we should select. Though there are a lot of self-service BI tools available in the market, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI stand strong in this market. There are other tools like QlikView and Microstrategy as well and they have their own market but these are not close to Power BI and Tableau.

Microsoft Power BI is leading this trend with excellent capabilities and connectivity to the cloud. Since it is a Microsoft product and Microsoft bundles this product with other Microsoft products like Office 365, customers get this product at less price compared to Tableau. Along with the price Power BI has also improved the product a lot in the last couple of years and this is why Gartner has mentioned Microsoft Power BI as a leader in BI domain. The position of Microsoft Power BI is so strong compared to other tools.

More companies will be using this product, more will be the opportunities for professionals and this is the reason for having great demand for Power BI professionals in the market. Microsoft Power BI is a very easy to learn tool and no programming language experience required.

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