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Power BI Vs MSBI

Power BI & MSBI are the most effective, demand-driven and advanced BI tools we have today. As we explore the capabilities, we’re going to do a comparative analysis on this blog. To run business successfully most companies have to take strategic decision based on data analytics report. These decision impact their day today revenue & growth. Most BI Tools have capabilities to create insights from data so MSBI is widely used tool in legacy system as compare to Power BI. We will see their capabilities one on one.


MSBI Stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence is a product with Extract Transform & Load capabilities. It can organize and visualize multidimensional data. MSBI consists of three components:

SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Service (tool for reporting)

SSIS – SQL Server Integration Service (tool for integration)

SSAS – SQL Server Analytic Service (tool for analysis)

MSBI an extensive, comprehensive reporting platform that provides an integrated set of programmatic interfaces and component processing. It is used to test the design and deploy the reports.

Features of MSBI

  • It’s on premise software which is installed within organization, on firms own server.
  • It has Best drill down capability.
  • Provides a stable interface for developers
  • It can handle SQL Server databases easily.
  • Easy integration into a Microsoft ecosystem.

As it has three components, so role and responsibilities are totally different for every functionality. Most of MSBI developer expertise in (Export Transport and Load) ETL development, Data warehousing and reporting as well but can’t aspect same with Power BI developer.

Power BI:

Power BI, created in 2015 by Microsoft, is a platform for data processing that can be used to report and analyse data from a broad variety of data sources. The Power BI desktop enables its users to generate and publish reports that can be accessed by end-users using any browser. It is fast and user-friendly, which helps the expertise of market analysts and empowers users to work on it quickly. This tool is popularly known as self-service BI tool, as any end non-technical user can learn it flawlessly. Power BI is a cloud-based software and is hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed through a web browser.

It has following components:

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Service
  • Report Server

It has excellent data modelling & visualization capability along with that it also offers rich interactive visualizations. Power BI is great for reporting. We can create a number of different charts, views, and dashboards for a number of different audiences. It’s very helpful for executives to see the big picture, its dynamic enough to take the same data sources and create detailed reports on very specific elements.

Features of power BI:

  • Allowing various data types/sources
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Best Data Modelling capabilities
  • Also support structured & unstructured data.
  • Support best mathematical functions using DAX formulation language.
  • You can import custom visuals based on your needs.

Let’s discuss Power BI vs MSBI.

  • Power BI has drag & drop features, so user need not to worry about background process. Where as MSBI developer need to take care of all the coding process to generate reports & ETL activity.
  • Power BI has graphical components so it makes easy to learn compare to MSBI. But in MSBI everything is manual & makes it complicated to learn.
  • Power bi allows higher-level data visualization whereas MSBI offers better drill down facility over data.
  • Power BI offers cloud based secure report sharing but MSBI rely on premise which may be threat to data loss if on premise hardware encounter failure.
  • The free version of MSBI lasts for 180 days followed by charges = $931. Power BI’s service free version lasts for 60 days followed by charges = $9.99.(these are base price, it will vary based on requirement & version)

From time to time, Microsoft still offers updates to their BI software, making their rivals a difficult challenge to conquer them. The choice between Power BI and MSBI would most likely driven by requirements of organization.

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