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Importance of Azure Skills for BI professionals.

In today’s data & information era, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is closely tied to corporate decision making. Companies like big, middle and small scale are enabling information workers (Senior Executives, Data Analyst and Data Owners, business intelligence developer) to make quick, tactical and outcome centric decisions based on analytics of large scale data.

The days are gone where DBMS based systems have been used for data assimilation, storage, retrieval and processing. Today, data from several sources must be processed simultaneously and immediate results must be produced. Traditional management of databases requires businesses to provide their infrastructure and resources for data center management of their databases. This is expensive and time consuming and you still need to plan, increase equipment and software purchase orders, and recruit people with skills from multiple technical domains, including OS and software for databases. Many of these problems are resolved by Cloud Data Warehouse, especially those related to provisioning and cost. With a few clicks, you can easily set up an enterprise-class database. Cloud based data warehouse offers a cost-effective approach for large companies, as well as smaller budget SMEs and startups. Small start-ups can produce self-service servers, but can expand resources in line with their requirements or as the need increases.

The business intelligence professionals like POWER BI Developers, MSBI Professionals, ETL & Data Warehouse people can upgrade their skills in AZURE which is offered by Microsoft. It offers many scalable & cost effective data solutions for today’s changing business needs. With this azure cloud skills anybody can switch their domain from tradition BI Professional to cloud based BI & Data Solution jobs. As azure offers many data solutions for changing Data base size & Business needs. For many companies that migrate their infrastructure completely or in part to a more stable and scalable cloud environment, the Azure cloud platform is obviously a game-changer.

Azure Skills for BI Professions:

As we have discussed in previous paragraph about the need of cloud solutions over traditional Data Warehouse. It’s vital & mandatory need for BI Professionals to upgrade their skills to get better opportunities in their domain. Here we would like to mention some Azure Cloud industry skills which BI Professionals needs to learn to stay relevant for upcoming career challenges.

  • AZURE Datafactory
  • Azure datalakes
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure sql
  • Azure database migration service
  • Azure database for postgreSQL
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Iot Hub

Along with these skills BI professional’s must be aware of cloud terminologies like IaaS,PaaS,SaaS

Storage technologies like,

  • Blob storage
  • File storage,
  • Que storage
  • Table storage,

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